Modules & Features
LOOK Hotel Management System


Connect reservations or booking systems with various online channels, both Online Travel Agent (OTA’s) or websites that we can provide for your hotel. All reservations that are automatically entered are processed into the LOOK system to reduce the burden of existing manual work and maximize the benefits of managing your reservation.

Connect to various Online Channels options, such as: Agoda, Traveloka, Pegi-Pegi and others

Direct integration to the Front Office Management System for: Pull Reservation, Update Rates & Room Availability

Front Office

Manage reservation data with accurate room availability management. Flexibility in setting Room Rate and Daily Sales Report for hotel business decision making. The LOOK Front Office Management System is also equipped with Room Check Status, Night Audit System, Housekeeping Management and provision of data for Guest History and its statistics

Rate Management System with flexibility in setting room rates

Arrival & Departure Guest Report

Auto Check-in Group

Statistic & Guest History

Sales & Marketing

Drive sales & marketing team to increase production by providing excellent analytical decision making tools to ensure your hospitality business is running in most efficient and effective revenue streams.

Boost and retain your best revenue producer by looking at forecast, room production report and best production report, while keeping it on your desired average room rate basis by using rate controll, Sales will get easier!

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Room Production Report

Displays the production of rooms per range date used in rate code categories (publish, government, corporate or individual) in a reservation, serves to analyze historical production data to build better strategy for upcoming period.

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Rate Control

Function to control rates based on rate code with a certain threshold differential.

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Room Revenue Forecast

Showing arrival pax, departure pax, occupancy percentage, lodging and inclusion, functions to analyze data that can be used to set the shortterm strategy and forecast front office workload (how busy handling guests per day).

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Room Availability

Displaying room availability, serves to make it easier for users to place guests in available rooms.


Manage potential revenue from outlets in your hotel with the LOOK Outlet Management System. All outlets will be connected to the Front Office to facilitate shopping and billing arrangements.

Connect directly with Front End Sales & Service Operation, Food & Beverage Management, Cost Control

Order accuracy, real time from the start of orders, order processes, to payment transactions.

Daily and Weekly Plan for Banquet.

Invoicing and Multiple Payment method options.

Android Application Order.

Kitchen Virtual Interactive Captain Order (Paper Less).

Security Order Control.

Manage order by Serving Time (up to 5 courses meal).

Able to transfer table and to another Outlet.

Able to split the bills.

Support Features

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Booking Engine & Channel Manager

Facilitate accounting for checking financial transactions through the trial balance check feature that can directly refer to transaction details.

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Mobile Dashboard for Monitoring Hotel Activity

Simplify accounting in withdrawing data for Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss in one button.

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Keycard Interface System

Facilitate accounting in presenting consolidated data over a long period of time (yearly) with 1 click.

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Simplify accounting to do journals on a simple form and list that can be duplicated.

Back Office

Accurate data presentation connected in real time with integrating activities from Stock Receipt, Inventory Control, Cost Control, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Cashier, to General Ledger.

Integrated with all modules and POS as the main control function in the system.

Integrated Cost Control to the Food and Beverage Department.

General Ledger with Financial Reporting (profit & loss, balance sheet).

Provision of reports as an analysis need to maximize effectiveness in hotel operations

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